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Season 3: Episode 4: "Closure"

Directed by Daniel Sackheim

Written by Larry Andries

Air Date: October 23, 1998

Guest Stars: Garrett Dillahunt (Rick Van Horne); Michael Sunczyk (Peter); Shelley Owens (Joni)

"Closure" is a bruising episode of Millennium, as Emma and Frank pursue a group of thrill killers wreaking havoc across the Northwest. In fact, "Closure" may be the most violent entry in the series in terms of carnage. The climatic shootout is like something in a Michael Mann movie and was inspired by the 1997 North Hollywood shootout

The episode also reveals some of Emma's backstory and that she witnessed her sister getting shot by a criminal when she was a child. Frank takes on more of a mentor role. Perplexed by Emma's interest in a group of petty criminals, he discovers her drive towards law enforcement goes back to childhood.

Larry Andries script also focuses on the criminals, who's crime spree resembles Bonnie and Clyde or the Starkweather killings. Rick Van Horne is a former military man who has snapped, while partner Michael is simply along for the ride, there's also a homoerotic undertone to their relationship. When they pick up bartender Joni, the sexual charge is more explicit. When they terrorize a hiker, it recalls Natural Born Killers. To the script's credit, it does manage to humanize the perpetrators despite their repugnant actions.

A memorable standalone episode that allowed Klea Scott to take the lead, "Closure" beckoned new possibilities for the third season.

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